TOLOMEO WP3 DERA tool webpage


DEforestation Risk Analysis (DERA) Tools

Original DERA Processing chain

The original design of the processing chains useful for the DERA tool is reported here.


DERA Tools implementation

The first version of the tools offered routines related to the three processing chains, based on segmentation and classification. The first chain also counted on a linear spectral mixture analysis in order to generate soil, shade and vegetation fraction images, where the first one is used as an input for segmentation.


The second version of the tools focused on the optimization of SPRING database resources, comprising the implementation of a visualization module for TerraLib databases (themes and views), the creation of a tool for saving TerraLib information, the development of a plug-in to allow external software developers to create new tools for a software system providing to it new specific functionalities, and finally, the incorporation of other Database Management Systems (DBMS), like SQLITE.


The third and final version of the tools introduced further refinements to SPRING, which included the implementation of a thinning tool for raster data, the development of a wizard plug-in for database creation, the implementation of a resampling tool, the creation of a tool for line simplification, and the implementation of a routine for radiometric correction of CBERS-2B images.

Additional documentation

The final presentation of the DERA tools and their results, provided during TOLOMEO Final Meeting, is available here part 1 and here part 2 . Moreover, video tutorials of these tools are also available video demos section . Finally, the so called “protocol documents”, showing how to use the tools in practice, can be obtained here.

Where can one find and download DERA Tools?

Spring software is available for download at