Work Package Protocols

TOLOMEO – WP2 – Protocol

Work Package protocol for the WP2 - Segmentation Parameter Tuner - SPT

Tolomeo WP6 - POER final update

Final update of the POER work package protocol.

Tolomeo WP5 - FLOV final update

Final update of the FLOV work package protocol.

Tolomeo WP4 - ERVU final update

Final update of the ERVU work package protocol.

Tolomeo WP3 - DERA final update

Final update of the DERA Work Package Protocol.

TOLOMEO – WP6 – Protocol. June 2014

This report documents the usage of the POER HMM Cascade tool available in the InterIMAGE software

TOLOMEO WP5 Protocol - Supervised change detection with Monteverdi

This document describes how to perform supervised change detection between 2 images using OTB/Monteverdi1. We use Monteverdi version 1.

TOLOMEO WP4 protocol

This document describes the Classification/Raster Regularization/Vector Regularization Chain for the Interimage software.

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